‘ODNOVA – find yourself together with us’ introducing changes in your life – how to become ‘New’, the real true YOU.

We are a group of people with passion who have also many spiritual experiences.

Our goal is to show how you can change your life in a simple and accessible way. We present a simple, practical energy – spiritual techniques thanks to which you can easily learn to master your own thoughts and emotions -your attitude .. and the way you perceive the world. As a result of applying these techniques, you will be able to make more conscious choices, as well as to achieve more goals, fulfiling your own dreams at the same time.

In a word, our lives ‘Odnova’ (meaning: ‘from the beginning’) will get beautiful colors. In order to make life better and easier, we do energy cleansing of one’s living space, carry out healing action and teach how to keep the higher frequency energies on a daily basis by applying energy.

The Academy of Soul “Józefów” – an oasis of calm in the center of Poland (near Kutno – Łowicz – Łódzkie voivodeship).

We are delighted to have a possibility to meet your expectations by offering a stay in the Academy of Soul “Józefów”. Taking into consideration the pace of contemporary life, low energy vibrations of the surrounding world and other negative aspects of our everyday environment, we give an opportunity to study a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with personal development (in the context of spiritual and energy approach) in an oasis of peace and tranquility in the green centre of Poland.

We offer a school of spiritual growth in practice: pendulum reading sessions on astral charts, automatic writing, drawing energy knots etc., as well as a healthy, organic diet, massage and many other pro-health activities.
For those interested in receiving life advice, healing and energy cleansing actions, we offer a form of telephone or Skype consultation.

“ODNOVA” – Academy of “Peace” in London – healing and massage, anti-stress therapy, consultations, pendulum teaching sessions (astral graphs reading), automatic writting etc.

We are located in West London (W12) – Sheperds Bush, Chiswick, Hammersmith area. We provide personal and telephone (also skype) consultations in Polish, English or French.

We organize pendulum teaching and automatic writing sessions.

The aim is to be able to master your thoughts ans emotions so that you reach a beloved state of inner silence. As a result, you can realize your dreams, take much more mature decisions… and really fulfill in your life.




Consultations and healing

Consultation is a form of personal conversation, while all topics related to health, existence and relationships in which consulted person lives are discussed. Any answers and hints are supported by astral graphs reading (with the usage of pendulum). During the healing consultation healing, living space energy cleansings, removal of watercourses and low vibration etc. are carried out. All services can be done also at the distance.


Pendulum reading and self-healing session

Pendulm practise which we deal with is a spiritual dowsing. This means that while reading the movement of the pendulum is driven only by the spiritual bandwidth. Contrary to energy pendulum readings, spiritual ones are carried out ​​in the spiritual spaces, are not prone to be influenced by external factors (such as energy disturbances, low vibration, manipulation etc.). This makes this form of reading far more credible than the pendulum reading based on energy laws.


News/ Announcements

Next Pendulum Session (astral charts readings, clairvoyance, automatic writting ec.)
will take place on 12th of May at 17.00

Place of meeting: 63 Jeddo Road, UNIT 6, W12 9EE London


Therapeutic and deep-tissue massage

The massage is the unique therapeutic form for many illnesses both the physical ones: back muscles ache, strained muscles, muscle tension, muscle stiffness, sciatica etc. Massage can also help in improving the functioning of the whole systems (neural system, blood system, lymphatic system – reflexology etc.).


Slimming Massage

Slimming massage that we provide is very complex service because apart from “natural” slimming effect it has also some therapeutic aspect. Firstly, it facilitates the metabolic processes, secondly it makes you feel “lighter” , rejuvenated and revatilized.
Slimming massage may comprise bamboo brushes and stick treatment, Chinese cupping, some reflexology and special “slimming” massage techniques (it also incude work on meridians).


Relaxation Massage

Relaxing massage that we provide is based on some therapeutic and deep relaxation techniques in order to make you feel relaxed, revitalised for longer period of time. Our approach comprises diffrent massages with some positive energy introduction.
We also use some sophisticated aromatherapy oils to make your feeling of deep relaxation as long as possible.


Weekend Teaching Sessions

We invite you to participate in Weekend Workshop in Academy of Soul in the middle of the Poland – near Kutno (in between Lodz and Warsaw).
We offer 2 – 3 pendulum reading sessions (Saturday, Sunday, theory and practise), 2 sessions of automatic writing (Saturday, Sunday), learning how to create energy knots (Saturday), individual consultations (for those who are interested), nutritional advice.


Healthy Nourishment

To meet the strong demand for healthy eating, we offer our guests a “green” kitchen. We have access to healthy foods “straight from the farmer”, as well as we have our own garden and produced by ourselves healthy food products (pastes, jams, cakes “organic”, etc.).


In harmony with nature

We are delighted to invite you to the cleanest region in Poland. Agricultural areas with restrictive standards of low use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides. This is an area Warsaw-Berlin meltwater, through which lazily winds Bzura river, rich in many species of fish with adjacent wet meadows which are the habitat for wild birds.




Spirituality is a very vast topic with many varying interpretations, however, a common theme is about our spirit and our communication with a Higher Power. There is one common issue – Spirit. The messages we get from this Power depend on the purity of our words, thoughts and actions.

Another important factor that determines the quality and accuracy of the messages received from higher sources is the ability to maintain calm on an everyday basis with our intentions coming from the heart while acts of healing,
channeling (automatic writing, inner visions, astral charts reading) or prayer are performed. Healing, healing prayers and receiving quidance can be more effective when considering both these factors.

The Spirit itself is intangible. The Spirit manifests itself in the physical world only in the form of change (a result of treatment – healing action – initiatied from the Spirit with the result coming to effect in the physical body, for example in the organs).

All the information we get originates from the Astral City of Oriin (described in the Spirituality section – “messages from spiritual world”). Each message is separately verified on the astral charts with by using a pendulum.

This received information is very accurate and reliable. The whole process is not influenced by any outside factor i.e. our inner programming or conditioned mind.

These techniques and knowledge of spiritual contact and channeling are all based on the teachings and practises of Z.J.Popko.







I am a healer – an energotherapy practitioner, a certified massage therapist, with long term professional experience and most of all … I am myself. I am doing my best to share with others what is the best in me.
I give personal, phone(or Skype) healing consultations and organize pendulum teaching sessions that also include automatic writing and energy knots creation (some methods of self-healing, energy self-protection). At the same time I am dealing with massages (mainly therapeutic, deep-tissue and relaxing). In order to make my offer the most effective possible I combine massage activities with energy and spiritual actions (so-called “healing session mix”).



By profession I am a mathematician, but … on everyday basis the sphere of life that I am dealing with, by passion and inner calling, is completely different from what I learned in college . Nowadays I am a healer – energotherapy practitioner, as well as a certified massage therapist and experienced diet specialist. I help people in every way possible. Together with my partner and my son we opened the Academy of Soul ” Józefów ” – a farm in the center of Poland, we offer a lot of diffrent energy and spiritual healing therapies combined with a healthy diet and proximity of nature.



By profession I am electronics – computer scientist, an insurance agent, teacher, massage therapist, and by vocation in life – healer – energotherapy practitioner. My passion is helping those who are in need. I I fulfill in my life, along with my partner, by leading the Academy of Soul ” Józefów ” – a farm in the center of Polish, where we offer we offer a lot of diffrent energy and spiritual healing therapies combined with a healthy diet and proximity of nature.




What in our blog

This section is devoted to the articles about our everyday life combined with the aspect of implementing the “spiritual approach” issues on daily basis. There are some remarks, hints and funny stories which could also be a good lesson for us concerning our behaviour in average life situations. We would like to present our point of view on various spheres of life and show you that you can cope with problems in new unique ways. The most important thing here is to make a decision to “Change” ourselves from the beggining…



Thank you:

Once I was in very bad situation in my life. I was living with my boyfriend who treated me so badly that I stopped being self-confident, I became powerless, I was not myself at all, felt deeply hurt and so hopelessly… Because of that at work I was very stressed, I let my boss treat me disrespectfully too, I couldn’t get good rest so I stopped going to the college… Basicly, everything was collapsing and I was very lost. I knew Marcin before as a friend but didn’t know a lot about his profession. So when he showed me his website and I have decided to have a consultation. After astral graphs reading with pendulum he did couple of healing actions for me which set up my life pathways. Then, step by step, I found enough courage to move out and change job for better one. Marcin’s treatments helped me out with reminding myself how strong I am and what I should do in my life… So I focused on my passion, my dreams, I started to feel I am back to life after one year long “break”… Thank you Marcin, you are wonderful professional but also lovely person, I know now there is a lot of good solutions! Mostly when we think there is none… Thanks for help in my life… Finally I found myself…Many thanks!



  • Services in Odnova’s treatment room
  • Services via Skype or phone
Consultation (Spiritual Healing Action and Space Energy Cleansing) £25
60 minutes – Astral Charts Reading/automatic writing lesson £25
2.5 hours pendulum session (Astral Charts Reading) minimum 3 persons £10
90 minutes “Session mix” (massage+consultation) £50
60 minutes massage £30
90 minutes massage £45
consultation (Healing actions and energy cleansing) £25
2,5 hours pendulum session (astral graph reading) minimum 3 persons £10

Marcin Dominiak

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